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February 19 2019

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February 17 2019

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February 14 2019

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February 13 2019

20 Historical Photos

John Lennon giving the autograph, with his future killer Mark Chapman, few hours before death.

Destroying the Berlin Wall

Osama bin Laden with his family visiting Falun in Sweden in 70′.

The Beatles at the beginning of their career.

Elvis Presley in the army.

Meeting of Pope Pius XI with Adolf Hitler.

The new capital of Brasil – Brasilia is being built.

Che Guevara and Fidel Castro.

One of the first McDonald’s restaurant.

Titanic, 1912.

First Google Team, 1999.

An example of racial segregation.

Evolution of the Coca-Cola bottles. Years: 1899, 1900, 1915, 1916, 1957, 1986.

The Beatles, 1957. John Lennon – 16 years old, George Harrison and Paul McCartney – 15.

ENIAC – computer constructed in years 1943-45 in USA.

Charlie Chaplin and Mahatma Gandhi.

Albert Einstein among other scientists.

Jesus Christ from Rio Being built.

George W. Bush being told about 9/11...

Ku Klux Klan member being operated in one of the hospitals in Alabama.

February 11 2019

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February 07 2019

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Childhood memories
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Taka się czasem czuję głupia, tępa i nietwórcza, że zdumiewa mnie, kiedy ludzie mówią coś innego.
— Sylvia Plath
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February 05 2019

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February 03 2019

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February 02 2019

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